Worship in English at St Jacobs

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International ecumenical congregation of ICS .

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The International Church of Stockholm

P.O. Box 2122

S-103 13, Stockholm,


Banking Details:

Plusgiro Account: 835927-5

IBAN number:SE 25 9500 0099 6034 0835 9275


The International Church of Stockholm (ICS)

Worship in English at St Jacobs Church service schedule

Sundays 18:00

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Chair of The International Church of Stockholm: Gun Kemperyd Olson

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July 2               David and Gun

July 9               Georgina

July 16             David and Gun

July 23             David and Gun

July 30             Georgina

August 6          David and Gun

August 13        David and Gun

August 20        Georgina

August 27        Georgina

September 3    David and Gun

September 10  Georgina

September 17  David and Gun

September 24  Georgina

October 1        David and Gun

                         ( Preliminary date for Annual Meeting)